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Clipgrab Download

Clip grab was working fine when I was running mint 14, but now I'm running mint 15.

I attempted using terminal with "sudo add-apt-repository ppa:clipgrab-teamppa sudo apt-get update sudo apt-get install clipgrab" No file could be found for install.

Extrai586 Mageia 3 geiadistrib3xmediacorerelease Mageia 3 geiadistrib3i586mediacorerelease RedHat EL 6 wnloadnuxdextopel6xRedHat EL 6 wnloadnuxdextopel6ServerxRedHat EL 6 wnloadnuxdextopel6ClientxRedHat EL 6 wnloadnuxdextopel6WorkstationxRedHat EL 6 wnloadnuxdextopel6Workstationi386 RedHat EL 6 wnloadnuxdextopel6Clienti386.

Then I attempted downloading the file straight from clipgrab website but I can't open it because there is no application installed for executable files.

Extrai586 Fedora 19 bopensuserepositorieshome:darkhadoFedora 19xFedora 18 bopensuserepositorieshome:darkhadoFedora 18xFedora 19 bopensuserepositorieshome:darkhadoFedora 19i686 Fedora 18 bopensuserepositorieshome:darkhadoFedora 18i686 Mageia Other geiadistrib4xmediacorerelease Mageia Cauldron geiadistribcauldronxmediacorerelease Mageia Other geiadistrib4i586mediacorerelease Mageia Cauldron geiadistribcauldroni586mediacorerelease RedHat EL 6.

Extrai586 OpenSuSE seopensuse TumbleweedExtrai586 OpenSuSE seopensuse 13.

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Is there something I need to change in the terminal or what application do I need to run clipgrab?

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"liamiscool" August 31, By Version: 360Revolution 2.

(5th gen legendary, ElectricDragon) Okay, first off, get your Image (duh) 2.

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Clipgrab Download

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